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Outdoor coolers Rental

Outdoor Coolers


It is possible to take advantage of evaporative cooling also in a rental, and you can rent fact the portable evaporative Air coolers.

Fixed evaporative coolers which need installation can not be hired, only on rare and extraordinary occasions and long term rental projects.

Lease of Outdoor cooling machines for cooling is recommended for Outdoor events for which it is necessary cooling tents, gazebos, open spaces. The Air cooler rental period may be more or less long, depending on the duration of the event to be Extended. Similarly to the Outdoor Air conditioners for rental, they are of various types according to the needs and spaces to be cooled (indoor or outdoor).

For large events we can provide the complete Outdoor cooler rent service before, during and after the event.


Rental Service Terms and Conditions

For industrial cooling systems, it is also possible to implement a medium- or long-term hire of evaporative Air coolers or portable air conditioners.

The Outdoor AC rental fee will include all costs of delivery (Within Dubai*) maintenance and installation, and at the end of the lease period, the company can decide whether to redeem the cooler or if you return it. For more details or a custom quote.

*For Abu Dhabi Outdoor Air Cooler Rental service extra transportation charges may apply.