What is radiant heating

The radiation is a heat exchange that uses the infrared waves as transfer vector. In fact, two bodies or two objects having different temperatures naturally irradiate heat, the one toward the other and the heat flow tends to go from the warmer.


The radiation emitted in the heating turns into heat upon contact with an object, with a cold wall or a person. The waves for gas patio heater then are only partially absorbed by the air and more from the solid bodies that turn into thermal energy which is transmitted to the environment thereby creating the optimal conditions of the comfort of the occupants.


The sun’s heat when and where you want


Patio heaters allow heating of work or play specific areas (internal and external) by positioning the heaters on the affected areas and locating the heat only where it is needed.

The Outdoor heaters were heating effect, identical to that generated by the sun, is given by the supply of heat that the infrared rays are issuing directly to the bodies that absorb the caloric component without wasting energy.

 Advantages of Outdoor Heaters

  • Electric outdoor heaters don’t use burning and no odor
  • Silent No noise as fully electric
  • Outdoor Electrical heaters are clean does not pollute, does not emit odors and is maintenance-free
  • Clean design compact and easy to apply in any context
  • Outdoor gas heaters provide effective warms immediately, immediate comfort (does not need to be turned on in advance)
  • Patio heaters are Heat efficient unaffected by air currents
  • Glass Flame Pyramid heaters and mushroom patio gas heaters are Economic Low management costs.

All Our Gas Patio Heaters and outdoor electrical heaters available also for rental




Outdoor Heaters

The infrared lamps are ideal for indoor and outdoor environments protected from direct agents.
The lamp is equipped with bulbs small glare Shortwave characterized by low light output.

  • Pubs, hotels
  • Terrace, verandas, gardens
  • Bathrooms, bedrooms, Huts
  • workshops, warehouses
  • Churches, hangars, garages
  • Industry, workshops, laboratories

 Patio heaters

Ideal for heating demarcated areas, internal and external, placing the lamps on the affected areas and locating the heat only where it is needed.
The heating effect, identical to the one generated by the sun, is transmitted by the rays, which issue directly to the bodies that absorb heat without wasting energy.

  • Reduced glare
  • infrared technology, immediate heat
  • Suitable for wall mounting and parasol (supplied with stand)
  • Made of powder-coated aluminum
  • It designed, built, tested and approved IP55
  • revolutionary design that uses a very efficient reflector