What is evaporative cooling?

Everyone knows the ability of water to evaporate in hot summer days naturally. We used nature as inspiration.
The force of a waterfall and the efficiency of the breeze are enclosed in the evaporative coolers Evaporative cooling technology.


The natural relief of a waterfall

 How the Air coolers works

evaporative cooling pad plain

Evaporative Cooling

The operation is a quite simple principle: the hot air passes through the Honeycomb panels cellulose (PAD) continuously wetted with water and, by simple contact and for the natural evaporation, yields much of the heat contained in it.
So, filtered and cooled, the air ensures a continuous renewal and refreshment for more comfortable and healthy environments.
Refreshing, Countering and purifying the air with evaporative coolers Adiabatic, we make the workplace much more Productive and Safe!

 Discover the details of evaporative cooling

Our FAQ contains the most common responses to questions from new users of evaporative cooling, and also to those who want to know more about how the coolers and evaporative cooling works.


Advantages of evaporative coolers

  • comfortable temperature: 5 ~ 10 ° C in less than 5 AED per day
  • better quality of life and work
  • always clean and renewed air.
  • better storage of goods and equipment
  • comfort, productivity, and safety more
  • operating costs and lower maintenance
  • eco-friendly: no environmental impact