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Portable Mobile misting fans

  Enjoy Portable Misting Fan Cooling Attractive, at times curvy, re ned and charming. The unique Enjoy, your Life Night & Day line, is something that didn’t exist before, but now it does. An

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Ceiling 360 Mist Fan

  How it works We use nebulized water to reduce the temperature. With a pump system, we pressurize the water to 60 bars and then nebulize it through special nozzles into droplets of only

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Wall Mounted misting fan

    Powerful and effective Wall mounted misting fan Perfect Vento Eco is a particularly powerful and efficient solution for lowering the temperature even in high humidity conditions in medium sized areas (up to

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Misting system

Nebulizing fogging systems for civil and industrial cooling Our systems are the most economical solution for lowering the temperature, creating special fog effects and humidifying in commercial and industrial applications, public premises, supermarkets, wine

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