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Wall Mounted Misting Fans


Powerful and effective Wall mounted misting fan

Perfect Vento Eco is a particularly powerful and efficient solution for lowering the temperature even in high humidity conditions in medium sized areas (up to 200m²). It can be used in both outdoor and indoor spaces such as warehouses, factories, trade fair stands, bars, and discotheques.


For rapid air exchange

Perfect Vento Eco wall mounted mist fan, equipped with an anti-drip system, uses “misting fan 18” fans that provide a quick air exchange and exceptional temperature lowering.



Water mist cooling fan Technical data

Perfect Vento Pro Description PC.KV602 PC.KV604 PC.KV606

Fog 60

Fog 60, 1l/min, 60bar, 700W, 230V-50Hz


Fog 60, 2l/min, 60bar, 720W, 230V-50Hz

1 1  



Inlet water filter kit

Inlet water filter kit, 7″, G 3/4″ M-F complete

with 5micron polypropylene cartridge

1 1 1

Oscillating Misting Fan

Oscillating Misting Fan ø46cm-18″, 230V-50Hz, 125Watt 2


Area 100m²



Area 200m²



Area 300m²

Misting Ring

Misting Ring in stainless steel for six nozzles 2 4 6

Polyamide pipe

Polyamide pipe for high pressures ø6,35mm-1/4″, (in meters) 25 50 75

Rubberized stainless steel clamp

Rubberized stainless steel clamp for

fixing polyamide pipe ø6,35mm

20 40 65

Tee quick fitting

Tee quick fitting made of nickeled brass 1 3 5

Nickeled brass nozzle

Nickeled brass nozzle 0,15 with anti-drip check valve thread 10/24UNC/2A 12 24 36

Wall Mounted Water Mist Cooling Fans


Wall Mounted Water Mist Cooling Fans


Wall mounted misting fan technical features

  • Frame: made of galvanized plate with painted steel cover
  • Motor-pump: 1450Rpm, 230V-50Hz with axial pump, three ceramic plungers, and brass head
  • Unloader valve
  • L.p. solenoid valve: 230V-50Hz, inlet water
  • H.p. solenoid valve: 230V-50Hz, to discharge the line (activates only when a remote control is connected)
  • L.p. pressure switch: for lack of water
  • Electric panel: complete with thermal ON/OFF switch, remote control switch and timer to control solenoid valve for line pressure discharge. Preset for connecting external devices