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Ceiling 360 Mist Fan

How it works

We use nebulized water to reduce the temperature. With a pump system, we pressurize the water to 60 bars and then nebulize it through special nozzles into droplets of only 10 microns (less than the thickness of hair). The nebulized water is blown throughout the area to be cooled utilizing a powerful and quiet-running fan at 360°.


The turn-key solution for fogging

The Kit Perfect Soffio 360 ceiling system guarantees effective and reliable performance. Thanks to the built-in digital timer, you can set the pause and work times based on the existing ambient conditions. The optimal conditions for system operation are temperatures between 26° and 45°C and relative humidity between 40% and 80%.


360 misting fan

360 Misting Fan


Technical data

Kit Perfect Soffio 360 ceiling Description PC.KFH1 PC.KFH2 PC.KFH4

fog eco

Fog Eco 1, 0,9l/min, 60bar, 210W, 230V-50Hz


1 1 1

Inlet water filter kit

Inlet water filter kit, 5″, G 1/2″ M-F complete with 5micron polypropylene



Mist Fan 360

Mist Fan 360 complete with 6-nozzle ring, hole 0,15mm 1


Area 30m²



Area 60m²



Area 120m²

Polyamide pipe

Polyamide pipe for high pressures ø6,35mm-1/4”, (in meters) 25 50 75

Rubberized stainless steel clamp

Rubberized stainless steel clamp for

fixing polyamide pipe ø6,35mm

1 3

Tee quick fitting

Tee quick fitting made of nickeled brass 25 40 60



Fog Eco 1 technical features

  • Frame: made of powder painted plate
  • Motor-pump: 1420Rpm, 230V-50Hz with axial pump two plungers
  • Thermal protection: against current surge
  • Built-in analogue timer: pause from 0 to 60 seconds/work from 0 to 60 seconds
  • Unloader valve
  • L.p. pressure switch for lack of water
  • Automatic anti-drip system


Mist fan 360 technical features

  • Frame: made of painted steel
  • Electric motor: 1375Rpm, 230V-50Hz, 96Watt, 0,47A
  • Noise: 59dB
  • Air capacity: 4000m³/h
  • Covered area: about 30m²