1. Can the cooler be emptied?

The portable evaporative cooler has a drain cap on the bottom or back of the water tank. Move the unit where the water can be drained off and disconnect the electrical outlet. After the cooler has been completely emptied, refill the tank with fresh water and the unit is ready to operate again.

At least once a week, empty the water tank.

This simple operation will increase the Life of the honeycomb PAD and the effectiveness of the cooler.


2. Where should I put in portableĀ air cooler in a room?

Under ideal conditions, the portable air cooler should be placed in front of a window or door open so that it takes the most amount of air from outside. If possible, a window or a door should be open on the opposite side of the room so that the air cooled by the cooler outside can get out.


3. The water pump can be replaced?

Yes, the pump can be replaced. Disconnect the unit from the electrical outlet and remove the rear panel.Remove the pump, remove the rubber hose from the pump and disconnect the power cord from the electrical panel of the cooler. Install the new pump and reconnect as before.

4. Can the cooler be moved from room to room?

The portable evaporative coolers can be easily moved from one to ‘other room. When you move the ‘unit, follow carefully the instructions listed in the user manual.

5. can I use the tap water in the cooler?

Yes, ordinary tap water. L ‘ treated or demineralized water is not recommended in evaporative coolers, as it increases the risk of corrosion of metal parts.

6. How can I clean the evaporative cooler?

The exterior and the interior of the cooler can be cleaned using just a damp cloth. Clean the PAD (parcels evaporating), removing them from the unit and use a light brush to remove surface dirt and rinse under running water

7. Evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling is not only cheap, but it is a healthy way to refresh. The moisture level recommended to feel well is between 40-60%, depending on the temperature. When to refresh with conventional air conditioners, moisture in the air is removed, and the air becomes dry. When to refresh with an evaporative cooler, the air becomes cold and damp at the right point.

8. How does an evaporative cooler to make us save energy and money?

The evaporative cooler cools the air by simple evaporation of a small amount of water.

Compared to a conventional air conditioner, an evaporative cooler consumes approximately 1/4 the electricity of conventional air conditioners.

In evaporative coolers we simply a low-power motor that rotates the fan. You can save money by only keeping the thermostat to the air conditioner a few degrees more by consuming a lot ‘less power to your air conditioning system and place a portable evaporative cooler in your surroundings home / office and location of business.

Not only will you save on your electric bill, but you stay fresh in a healthy and natural way.

9. What maintenance is recommended for the cooler? How often you need to clean it?

Regular maintenance will extend the life and effectiveness of the evaporative cooler. Emptying the water tank and filling it again at least once a week with fresh water will reduce the calcium deposits in the PAD and reservoir. Also, we will help not only to lengthen the duration of the PAD, but also the effectiveness of ‘units.

Do not leave the water in the tank for an extended period.

For special maintenance information, refer to the instruction manual.

10. Can The Air cooler work without water?

The cooler can be operated in both ventilation and cool ( Cool ). In fan mode, the unit must not necessarily have water in its interior.

It is recommended not to use the ‘unity in Cool mode without the’ water in the tank. Doing so will damage the pump and will shorten the life of the cooler.

Some models have a water level sensor that will turn off the pump when the water level falls below the minimum.

11. Has the cooler more water needs to function?

It can work in both ventilation and cooling. To benefit from the effect of evaporative cooling the cooler is always needed for water in your tank.

12. Can the pads be replaced?

Yes, very easily by unscrewing 2 or 3 support screws.

Read the instruction manual.

It ‘s normal that the panels give off the odor?

Yes, when they are new. Matter of a couple of days and the resin that keeps them compact did not give off more scent.

To speed up the process, to operate the cooler with the COOL function activated and empty the water tank a couple of times after few hours of operation.

13. Can I put ice in the tank to cool more?

With the ice from the water vapor produced it can be collected and distributed by the fan, but this does not increase evaporation and does not increase even fresh.

The PAD (evaporative panels) can be cleaned?

The PAD can be safely cleaned. Just dismantle the cooler and pass them lightly with a light brush to remove dust and any surface deposits. Then rinse them under running water.