XC-12k Air Cooler
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12k CMH Air Cooler

  An Evaporative air cooler Dubai (also swamp cooler, desert cooler and Outside air cooler) is a gadget that cools atmosphere during the evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling system comparisons from standard atmosphere molding frameworks

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outdoor coolers
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23000 Outdoor Air Cooler

  This Outdoor Air cooler are really so safe to utilize with first-class safety standards. Allows one to strain outdoor activities when the summer when the temperature going high. Outdoor cooler will create air stream to

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industrial air cooler
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18000 Industrial Air Cooler

These Industrial Air Coolers are known as the cooling system of the transformer that’s absolutely significant in the event you would rather prevent the event of decline. There are lots of varieties of coolers which

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Installed Evaporative coolers evaporative system

Installed Factory Evaporative Coolers   Reduction of temperature with evaporative air conditioners Installed Evaporative coolers High temperatures: In summer, many workshops and factories, we have inside temperatures higher than outside. Reduce heat: With evaporative

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Indoor Air Cooler XC-4800
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Indoor Air Cooler XC-4800

Indoor Air Cooler XC-4800 Specifications 220-240V 50HZ 230W PP and ABS Plastic Paper screens With wheels 3 wind speed settings Swing & cool design Comfortable fresh air Economical Move convenience Enclosed copper motor 45L-60L

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Industrial Air Cooler
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Industrial Cooler XC-23000

  XC-23000 Industrial air cooler XC-23000 Industrial air cooler made with heavy duty body and industrial grade axial fan.The massive amount of air generated by this machine unbeatable comes with custom designed motor and blades. This industrial

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Outdoor Cooler
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Outdoor Cooler XC-8000

Outdoor Cooler XC-8000 If you want to enjoy an outdoor party. The outdoor cooler XC-80x is the ideal option for you. This High-quality elegant design outdoor cooler built for outdoor with high-quality materials and a

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XC-12000 Portable Air Cooler

XC-12000 Portable Air Cooler It’s not a small area and also not for a big area !! The XC-12000 Portable air cooler is specially designed For you. An industrial machine in the shape of

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