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tent air conditioners

Tent Air Conditioners Tent Air conditioners come with wheels for mobility. This package AC unit can be fitted to the tent location without complicated installation work. The A/C unit can be transported and moved to the

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Spot Air Conditioner

Spot Air Conditioner Specifications: • Cooling in extremely hot environments. • Control cooling down to 18° C. • Timer Function. • Turbo Operation. • Memory / Function auto power. • Low-temperature dehumidification. • Fan

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Portable air conditioner

  WITH HOT AIR EXCVAST FLEXIBLE DUCT Dehumidification: Eliminates condensation, ensuring an optimal level of moisture in the atmosphere. Water (with tank full alarm) or tube constant drain. • Ventilation function: It allows operation with

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outdoor Air conditioner
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Outdoor Air Conditioner

  OUTDOOR AIR CONDITIONER CHARACTERISTICS • Automatic reset • two-ton cooling capacity • Emergency operation • Temperature compensation • Intelligent Functions • Refrigerant Leak Detection • 2 fan speeds • Wide temperature operating range

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Industrial Air condtioners
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Industrial Air Conditioners

Industrial Air Conditioners range conjoined performance and design. They offer the best solution for Dubai Industrial market. Conjugates with an exclusive and modern design. Designed for maximum energy saving. With a durable metal body.

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Floor Standing Air conditioner

FLOOR STANDING AIR CONDITIONER Hot Dubai summers require massive cooling. Our Floor Standing Air Conditioners are providing the highest cooling capacity even for the largest Area or tent. Our Floor Standing Air Conditioners are

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Portable Industrial Spot Air Conditioners

  Portable Industrial Spot Air Conditioners Portable Air conditioners are intended to work in today’s data centers and office backup temporary cooling situations. Its cutting edge design with portable design offers the same cooling power

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