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Tent Air Conditioners


Tent Air Conditioners

Tent Air conditioners come with wheels for mobility. This package AC unit can be fitted to the tent location without complicated installation work. The A/C unit can be transported and moved to the ideal position quickly. On locales where no forklift is accessible, the wheel arrangement makes possible for quick and straightforward setup for tent cooling air conditioner.

Flexible cooling operation 

All tent cooling units are ideal when it’s difficult to have traditional air conditioners. A few tent AC units can be placed outside the tent, or they can be installed inside and half outside. By Keeping in mind the goal to provide compact cooling unit,


Working range: Temporary cooling solution, Ramadan tents, Military camps, Wedding  Tents, Work camps (oil and gas)

Working Temperature: It can give cooling at high ambient temperatures up to 58 degrees C.

Tent Cooling Capacity:


Tent Cooling Capacity